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Triple Deployable Solar Panels

Product code: TDSP

This product is customizable, prices are based on requirements.

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In response to a requirement for more power, while not increasing launch cost, Clyde Space has developed triple-deployable solar panels. Designed to maximize power generation capability from a 3U CubeSat, these novel panels can be used on 6U and even 12U CubeSats. Deploying along the long edge of the spacecraft, a pair of triple-deployable arrays can deliver up to 55W (@28C, BOL) peak power when coupled with one of our OTS body panels; imagine what you could achieve with a 3U CubeSat!

3U Our range of solar panels was designed and qualified for maximum power generation and ease of platform integration.

The 3U triple-deployable solar panel assembly consists of 4 PCBs, connected by high precision aluminium frame components and spring-loaded hinge mechanisms. Each panel can accommodate up to 7 Spectrolab cells, either XTJ Prime or UTJ, with the potential to add a second populated face to the reverse of the outer panel.

The deployed panels are held in the stowed configuration by our new proprietary hold down and release mechanism (HDRM), and released by firing our heritage Thermal Knife Driver (TKD) circuit. The new HDRM is easily resettable, repeatable and no longer requires the use of knots in cord; deployment can be set to either 90° or 135°. Our latest deployable solar array enjoys the significant heritage gained by Clyde Space's deployable solar panel product range.


  • Spectrolab UTJ or XTJ Prime solar cells in 7S1P configuration per face. A total of TWENTY-EIGHT solar cells per assembly.
  • Compatible with Clyde Space’s CubeSat structure range
  • 1mm recess when integrated into Clyde Space’s CubeSat structure range
  • Clean, repeatable and easily resettable HDRM.
  • All panels manufactured using high-quality PCB substrate with space-grade Kapton coverlay.
  • Body panel sun detector and temperature sensor included, deployable panel temperature sensor optional.
  • Connector to EPS
  • Compatible with the majority of commercially available launch pods       

With our extensive experience in solar panel design and manufacture all our solar panels can be customised to meet your requirements; please contact us to discuss.