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12U Platform

Product code: CS 12U

This product is customizable, prices are based on requirements.

For more detailed pricing, and to request a quote please submit an enquiry.


Our reliable high-performance 12U platforms employ a modular, off-the-shelf subsystem approach, providing a wide range of capability options to support your mission. The architecture builds on our heritage systems providing a perfect balance between cost and performance. The design allows for rapid manufacture which can be tailored to your mission-specific requirements and can be delivered to you within a year.

Our biggest CubeSat platform so far is ideal for more demanding missions requiring both high payload volume and high payload power.

THE CS 12U OFFERS:New render

  • Payload Volume: Up to 10U
  • Power Generation: Up to 150W peak
  • Payload Power:  >30W orbit average (typical)
  • Energy Storage: Standard 80Whr; Expandable 
  • Pointing: Up to 0.04°
  • Orbit Knowledge: <10m; <1m/s
  • Data Storage: 4GB Flash NVM, expandable via microSD
  • Data Downlink:  Up to 100Mb/s
  • Frequency: V/UHF, S-Band, X-Band
  • Orbit Altitude/Lifetime: LEO/up to 5 years

Power and energy storage are both expandable depending on mission requirements. Our standard bus offerings have been optimised across all the above parameters with a focus on high system level performance. Please contact us if your requirements exceed the above.

This CubeSat meets ISS manned flight design requirements and is ideal for missions requiring constellations and high-performance science capabilities. 

Your payload

softwareOur platform solutions are designed to accommodate a wide array of payload types, providing a mission tailored CubeSat to meet your requirements.

We also work closely with our partners in the US, UK, Europe, and further afield to develop world-class payloads to deliver highly valuable commercial and scientific missions.

Our support team are on hand throughout your project from start to finish to answer any questions you may have.

If you find our standard platform design doesn’t match your mission specific needs fully or you would like to discuss your future payloads then speak to a member of our enquiries team who will pair your mission requirements with a tailored solution.