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Nanosatellite On Board Computer - GPS Bundle

Product code: 01-02930

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Our OBC provides a highly integrated robust computing platform for space applications. Advanced power management features allow for modular controllable and protected power delivery providing an impressive 4mJ/DMIP energy usage.  

EDAC and latch-up protection as well as TMR protection are used to deliver a no-compromise reliable computing platform.  Non-volatile MRAM memory provides a zero-boot and zero-sleep times which can be used to provide further energy savings, whereas the inclusion of 4GB of SLC flash memory provides ample space for mission data storage.  

Furthermore, the extensive set of peripherals, including an on-board GPS receiver, allows for high integration, cost and power reduction of typical missions

Key Features

  • Smart Fusion 2 SoC including Cortex-M3 processor @ 50 MHz delivering 62.5 DMIPS
  • Integrated Cache and Memory Protection Unit
  • 8 MB MRAM for code storage and execution
  • 4 GB flash memory for bulk data storage
  • Autonomous single event latch-up protection
  • EDAC protected memory and peripheral FIFOs
  • 104 pin Cubesat Kit header+
  • 2x I2C interfaces
  • UART interfaces (including 2x LVTTL RS232)
  • Debug UART interface
  • SPI interface with 7 chip select lines
  • 17 GPIO lines
  • Real time counter (w/40 mins. Backup Power)
  • JTAG w/ETM support for programming and debugging
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 80°C
  • Power: 400 mW (typ), 1 W max


  • I2C x2
  • UART (2x LVTTL RS232, 1 x RS422 /RS485)
  • 1x DBG UART (LVTTL RS232)
  • SPI x1 (with 7 chip select lines)
  • GPIO x17 (3.3V)
  • JTAG x1 (programming and debug)
  • ETM x1 (debug)

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