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High Capacity Microsat Power Bundle

Product code: 01-02166

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Clyde Space has developed a 150W EPS and Battery System for larger, more power-hungry missions. This 3rd generation power stack is designed to integrate with our next generation EPS and deployed solar arrays.

Nominally, the battery voltage is set to 12V and uses the latest version of our proven lithium polymer cells building on over ten-years product heritage and our reputation within the industry as power system leaders. This stack is made up of an arrangement of 5 30whr batteries giving you a combined 150whr battery.

Individual battery packs have cells configured in 3s2p arrangement with a typical capacity of 2.6Ahr at a nominal 11.1V (full battery operational voltage range from 9.0 – 12.6V. As ever, our batteries leverage a convenient and efficient mechanical form factor, high energy-density, and robust protection architecture.

Battery Key Features

  • Our lithium polymer cells have been qualified to NASA standards EP-Wi-032., including; Overcharge, Overdischarge, Overcurrent, Overvoltage and
  • They offer multiple battery protection features Undertemperature.
  • Our extensive in-house qualification and characterization tests performed on all cell batches guarantees cell reliability.
  • These have superior discharge characteristics versus conventional lithium ion technologies on the market.

Battery Performance Metrics

  • Nominal capacity 13Ahr at 11.1V
  • I2C Telemetry and Telecommand Interface
  • PC104 Form Factor

 EPS (XU – 132) 

Clyde Space’s latest upgrade of our flagship power system incorporates several additional features including; communications reset timeout, additional telemetry information and improved over-current protection on power buses.

The EPS is designed for use on a 3U, and larger CubeSats, with increased solar cell string inputs.  Multiple EPS systems can also be connected in parallel to service even greater power needs. The 3rd Generation Clyde Space range offers all the experience and heritage acquired over hundreds of missions, and our battery uses the latest version of our proven lithium polymer cells, building on over ten-years product heritage and reputation within the industry for power supply.

The EPS is intended to be versatile and connects to the solar panels via eleven independent battery charge regulators. It performs all the main functionalities of power generation and protection using analog components.

Each power generation section is self-sufficient and does not require support from any other section within the EPS, and the redundant solid-state isolation switches make it more reliable during launch operations. These features make our EPS the most robust solution in the CubeSat market.

It employs Maximum Power Point Tracking providing a highly-efficient battery charge mechanism, that maximizes the power generation from the CubeSat solar arrays while employing taper current to increase the lifetime of the battery.

EPS Features

  • All the power converters required for a CubeSat mission are integrated within a single PC104 card.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking employing analog discrete components.
  • It features all the protections required for battery charge and discharge.
  • It now contains a Power Distribution Module with 10 Latching Current Limiters.


EPS Performance Metrics

  • 11x 12W BCR
  • 1x 83W Unregulated battery bus
  • 1x 15W 3.3V bus
  • Data rate: 100Kbps
  • Mass: 160grams
  • Dimensions: 96x90x14.95mm
  • Interfaces: I2C

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