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Smallsat 40W Deployable Solar Array

Product code: NONE

This product is customizable, prices are based on requirements.

For more detailed pricing, and to request a quote please submit an enquiry.


Created for our customer’s latest mission, our 40W deployable solar array is designed to provide extra capability for your small satellite, with 4 temperature sensors on the deployed array and full deployment confirmation sensors included this is our next generation of Smallsat solution. 

Click here to watch our 40W Deployment Solar Array clip

The SmallSat deployable array assembly uses space-rated composite materials to achieve maximum performance; mounting PCB substrates to aluminium and CFRP skin honeycomb substrates with an aluminium structural backplate. All of our solar panel surfaces are coated in a space approved Kapton for a bonding surface.  This means that our surface preparation and bond strength is identical in all cases, and has been tested on multiple missions.

It’s deployed by a redundantly triggered thermal knife Hold Down and Release Mechanism (HDRM) which is able to handle larger array sizes if needed. The hinges are 90 degrees, locking type with torque reduction system to reduce deployment torque as it approaches the final angle while maintaining residual torque.

As part of our bespoke SmallSat range this product is not available for purchase online, please contact us to discuss purchase of this item. Pricing starts from that listed above.

Clyde Space solar array design and manufacturing techniques have been developed based on traditional solar array assembly techniques, but adapted to reduce assembly costs in order to meet the tighter budget needs of the small satellite community.


  • The panel pre-loads against cup & cone points to prevent chatter in launch.
  • Our solar array has been environmentally tested and is fully qualified for temperatures from -50 to 70+
  • Sun detectors and temperature sensors included
  • Magnetorquer included and are designed to work with CS ADCS
  • Connector to EPS
  • Connector to ADCS

Performance Metrics

  • Mass: 8.5kg (including panel protector)
  • Dimensions when stowed: 503 x 556 x 64mm
  • Power generation: 40W

With our extensive experience in solar panel design and manufacture all our solar panels can be customised to meet your requirements; please contact us to discuss.