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CS High Power Bundle C: EPS + 80Whr Battery

Product code: 01-02699

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This bundle includes a Clyde Space 3rd Generation FlexU EPS and a pair of 40Wh standalone battery modules (80Wh total capacity), compatible with ISS Manned Flight requirements.

The 3rd Generation Clyde Space power range offers all the experience and heritage acquired over hundreds of missions. Our battery uses the latest version of our proven lithium polymer cells, building on our ten-year product heritage and reputation within the industry for power supply.



  • Clyde Space CubeSat batteries can be used to power any commercial CubeSat equipment.
  • Our lithium polymer cells are qualified to NASA standards EP-Wi-032.
  • They offer multiple battery protection features, including; Overcharge, Overdischarge, Overcurrent, Overvoltage and Undertemperature.
  • Our extensive in-house qualification and characterization tests performed on all cell batches guarantees cell reliability.
  • These have superior discharge characteristics versus conventional lithium ion technologies on the market.


  • Nominal capacity 10400mAhr at 8.4V to 6.0V
  • I2C Telemetry and Telecommand Interface
  • PC104 Form Factor



  • All the power converters required for a CubeSat mission are integrated within a single PC104 card.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking employing analogue discrete components.
  • It features all the protections required for battery charge and discharge.
  • It now contains a Power Distribution Module with 10 Latching Current Limiters.


  • 1x 3W BCR
  • 8x 12W BCR
  • 1x 34W Unregulated battery bus
  • 1x 22.5W 5V bus
  • 1x 15W 3.3V bus
  • 1x 18W 12V bus
  • 10x LCL Power Distribution Lines
  • Data rate: 100Kbps
  • Mass: 148 + 447 + 447grams
  • Dimensions: 95x90x17.25mm + 95x90x27.4mm + 95x90x27.4mm
  • Interfaces: I2C

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