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CS 1U CubeSat Structure

Product code: 01-02233

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The new Clyde Space CubeSat structure range has been designed specifically with adaptability and ease of integration in mind. The structure can be assembled ‘around’ the platform stack, which increases the accessibility during integration and testing. We have introduced standardized holes spaced out along the length of the rails which allow for stack designs that are inherently reconfigurable. This structure is also compatible with manned flights when incorporated with four deployment switches.


  • Manned Flight compatible
  • The structure is fully compatible with the CubeSat standard
  • Designed with assembly and test in mind
  • Adaptable to a wide range of mission requirements 

Our Structure Range was designed and built to redress the restrictions imposed by other off-the-shelf CubeSat structures: having found nothing suitable for our latest mission configuration on the market. This is a new CubeSat compliant structure that dramatically changes the way one might typically approach the design and integration of a satellite platform.

Performance Metrics

  • Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 113.5mm 
  • Mass: 155g
  • Interfaces: all standard deployment PODs, including NanoRacks

User Manuals & Standard CAD Models