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SmallSat Solar Panels

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Clyde Space solar array design and manufacturing techniques have been developed based on traditional solar array assembly techniques, but adapted to reduce assembly costs in order to meet the tighter budget needs of the small satellite community.

Clyde Space make solar panels of all shapes, sizes, substrates, and cells. Primarily we use Spectrolab UTJ cells in our products, but we have also used AZUR and EMCORE cells. We have produced panels on aluminium honeycomb cores of various thicknesses (with aluminium skins, and also CFRP skins), panels on sheet aluminium, and onto PCB substrates.  In all cases, we use the same lay down process and all surfaces are coated in a space rated Kapton for a bonding surface.  This means that our surface preparation and bond strength is identical in all cases. For some customers we have also utilised a hybrid approach, mounting PCB substrates to aluminium and CFRP skin honeycomb substrates as well.

Unlike many solar panel manufacturers, Clyde Space is also known for our high performance power control systems and batteries.  This provides us with a holistic view on the power system, enabling us to deliver optimum performance across your entire system.

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