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CubeSat End Solar Panel

Product code: 25-02867

This product is customizable, prices are based on requirements.

For more detailed pricing, and to request a quote please submit an enquiry.


Our range of solar panels have been designed and qualified for maximum power generation and ease of platform integration. With extensive flight heritage, these products are not only quality assured but cost efficient.

Our solar panels are designed to fit on the end of our CubeSat structures and support a range of CubeSat requirements including antenna integration.


  • Spectrolab UTJ solar cells in 2S1P configuration.
  • Mounting holes compatible with Clyde Space CubeSat Structure range
  • All panels manufactured using high-quality PCB Substrate with space-grade Kapton coverlay.
  • Sun detectors and temperature sensors included
  • Magnetorquer included, designed to work with CS ADCS
  • Connector to EPS
  • Connector to ADCS


  • 2W power generation at BOL 

User Manuals & Standard CAD Models

With our extensive experience in solar panel design and manufacture all our solar panels can be customised to meet your requirements; please contact us to discuss.