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3rd Generation 1U EPS

Product code: 25-02451

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With hundreds of units sold and now in its 3rd Generation, the Clyde Space EPS range offers all the experience and heritage acquired over countless missions.

With numerous small Battery Charge Regulators (BCRs), the Clyde Space 1U EPS is designed to support 1U and 1.5U spacecraft with body-mounted or deployable solar panels. Battery daughterboards can be attached to deliver a complete power solution whilst minimising occupied volume within the satellite.

Our EPS performs all the main functionalities of power generation and protection using analogue components. Each power generation section is self-sufficient and does not require support from any other section within the EPS, and the redundant solid-state isolation switches make it more reliable during launch operations. These features make our EPS the most robust solution in the CubeSat market. 

It employs Maximum Power Point Tracking providing a highly-efficient battery charge mechanism, that maximizes the power generation from the CubeSat solar arrays while employing taper current to increase the lifetime of the battery.

The Power Conditioning Modules provide three regulated output buses (3.3V, 5V and 12V) and an unregulated battery bus with up to 90% efficiency for the regulated buses, while providing battery over-current and under-voltage protections. The integrated Power Distribution Module will allow the safe integration of different subsystems using Latching Current Limiters.


  • All the power converters required for a CubeSat mission are integrated within a single PC104 card.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking employing analogue discrete components.
  • It features all the protections required for battery charge and discharge.
  • It now contains a Power Distribution Module with 10 Latching Current Limiters.


  • 4x 3W BCR
  • 1x 34W Unregulated battery bus
  • 1x 22.5W 5V bus
  • 1x 15W 3.3V bus
  • 1x 18W 12V bus
  • 10x LCL Power Distribution Lines
  • Data rate: 100Kbps
  • Mass: 86 grams
  • Dimensions: 95x90x15.4mm
  • Interfaces: I2C


The Clyde Space 3G EPS range is compatible with Clyde Space solar panels and the Clyde Space 3G battery range, meeting ISS Manned Flight design requirements when combined.

Please Contact Us to discuss compatibility with 3rd-party systems.

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