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UK Space Agency and Outernet Inc.

The 1U Outernet Platform will send emergency weather warnings, medical advice, as well as news and entertainment information to users for free!

Funded through the UK Space Agency’s International Partnerships in Space Programme (IPSP) Clyde Space will develop a constellation of three communication satellites which is the first phase of our US partner’s plan to deliver free internet content globally from a constellation of hundreds of CubeSat’s.

Mission Objectives

The initial three Outernet platforms will test much of the functionality of the full constellation. Each spacecraft will receive data streams from a network of ground stations and the data will then be transmitted to the user’s hand-held devices on the ground. The on-orbit demonstration will allow understanding of the platform from subsystem level to full operation to extrapolate the expected performance of a future full Outernet constellation. The completeness of the received data, the effect of missing packets and the end to end reliability will all be assessed.


Outernet is an ambitious 1U CubeSat mission and the platforms will incorporate a number of state-of-the-art Clyde Space subsystems. Power will be provided by a bespoke version of the standard 1U solar panels consisting of body mounted and deployable panels to maximise power generation. Power conditioning will be performed using an off-the-shelf next-generation Clyde Space electric power system with an integrated 20 Wh battery. Outernet platforms will also include the newly developed onboard computer which will carry out all platform and mission control and management and will provide the onboard storage necessary for payload operations.

Clyde Space will push the boundaries of platform development to enable Outernet to pursue its goal of offering a near continuous broadcast of humanitarian data to those most in need.


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