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Team imageWe have more on-orbit heritage than any other CubeSat systems supplier because we have been producing more systems than anyone else, shipping more systems than anyone else, for longer than anyone else. All of our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality.

Heritage iconsDesigned for reliability, with the end-use radiation and thermal environments as a driver, our products have an unsurpassed success rate on orbit. Clyde Space customers have the added value of product assurance and confidence in our ability to deliver their mission goals.

Our products are used and trusted by customers in the USA and beyond including the likes of NASA, DLR, USAF, APL/JHU, MIT, US Army, US Navy, LuxSpace, Spire Global, Outernet, and JAXA. We have supplied over 1800 subsystems for small spacecraft ranging from 1kg to 250kg in size.

In our 13th year of operation within the Aerospace and Defence sector not only have we accomplished key milestones in our growth but we have also accumulated an impressive, ever expanding, product portfolio encapsulating our full range of subsystems and platforms. Our product heritage and continuous innovation enable us to provide high-calibre solutions to our customers.

Why use Clyde Space products?

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    Our Expertise

    All of our products are designed and developed by professional engineers with experience in over 50 space programmes.

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    Our inspiration for product development always stems from our goal of addressing the needs of our customers.

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    We believe that quality should not be sacrificed for quantity, that's why the Clyde Space Quality Management System covers ALL of our products from development through manufacture and delivery.

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Clyde Space successfully introduced the first online one-stop-shop for small satellites.