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Clyde Space is an award-winning aerospace engineering company which specialises in the design, manufacture and operations of small spacecraft for an expanding space industry. We operate internationally and specialise in the provision of small satellites for commercial, civil and military applications for the Nanosatellite and Microsatellite segment of the market. Renowned for quality innovation, we continually develop our products and processes in support of our customers and the rapidly growing small satellite market.

Based in Glasgow, with over 80 staff, Clyde Space have specialist expertise and experience in delivering a wide range of commercially focused satellite hardware solutions; complete end-to-end nanosatellite missions, with the capability to provide customers everything from constellation design to satellite operations. Clyde Space’s team have long been considered as world leaders in the delivery of New Space technologies that push the boundaries of small satellite capabilities and utility value.

Clyde Space was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation in 2017 the very same year it won The Sunday Times award for Innovation, and were listed on the SME Export 100 league table which ranks Britain’s 100 small and medium-sized (SME) companies with the fastest-growing international sales over the latest two years. It was also shortlisted for the Financial Times Boldness in Business Awards 2017, the HSBC Scottish Export Awards 2017 and won the Glasgow Business Award for Innovation in 2016.

Founded in 2005 by Craig Clark MBE, CEO, Clyde Space was named after the River Clyde, the main river running through Glasgow, which once built a high preportion of all the world's ships. Craig’s romantic vision for the company was that this would one day be a reality for spaceships. A vision which is now coming to life, as in 2017 it was announced that Glasgow has built more satellites than any other city in Europe (BBC). The company has grown rapidly since starting up in 2005, in the process turning Glasgow into the ‘satellite capital of Europe’ and Clyde Space now support in some form 40% of CubeSat missions.

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For more information please speak to a member of the Clyde Space team. We request that all articles are sent to the media team for approval before they are published.