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11 November 2016

Group pictureHere at Clyde Space, we not only aspire to be a galaxy leading innovator but also a leader in promoting equality and inspiring the next generation of budding engineers, scientists and mathematician enthusiasts from all walks of life.

The #ILookLikeAnEngineer movement is pushing for the stereotype of what an engineer ‘looks like’ to be replaced with an open mind instead. This social movement has continually picked up momentum since its inception in the 2015 and is one which we fully endorse. We believe that through encouraging greater open-mindedness in industry and awareness within the sector this will encourage the future generations to pursue careers in these fields, both male and female.

Our mission is to inspire, inform and most of all promote equality within the industry. Many of the Clyde Space Team are STEM Ambassadors and regularly take part in activities across the country to do just this!

Some of the Clyde Space team have gladly offered to be involved in our latest blog to help spread the word and help inspire future engineers with their stories….


I’m an Electronics Engineer here at Clyde Space

My work largely involves design and test of power systems for small satellites. It’s hard to keep track but I have a least a couple of power systems I worked on orbiting the earth right now!

I graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering in 2012. My first year after graduation was spent working at Thales as an Electronics Engineer, after which I joined Clyde Space in a similar role.

It’s a cliché but the problem solving is the best part of the job. If you’ve never had any experience in engineering it’s maybe difficult to appreciate just how open-ended and complex this process can be. As a student you work in an environment where there are already answers to the problems you’re trying to solve; as an engineer you get to figure out the solutions for problems that have never been solved before on a (reasonably) regular basis.


I’m a Space Applications and Sales Engineer here at Clyde Space

I joined Clyde Space around a year ago and work within the business development team with a particular focus on satellite applications.

My undergraduate degree was in Aero-Mechanical Engineering and PhD was in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Specifically, my PhD was looking at developing novel orbits for Earth Observation satellites to improve monitoring of the Earths polar regions. I was then a Research Associate at the University of Strathclyde for a few years as part of the Advanced Forming Research Centre and the Advanced Space Concepts Lab.

I always had an interest in space and enjoyed maths and science at school. I also had an excellent Physics teacher who encouraged me to apply for the Scottish Space School. After participating in the programme at the Johnson Space Center in Houston I decided on Engineering.


I’m a Spacecraft Systems Engineer here at Clyde Space

At Clyde Space, I’ve undertaken in-depth design studies with the European Space Agency, and I’ve worked very closely with a team of engineers on our SeaHawk earth observation CubeSat, from the initial concept through to its first major design review. I’m now working within our digital systems engineering team.

I studied Aeronautical Engineering (MEng) at The University of Glasgow and joined Clyde Space as a Systems Engineer a few months after my graduation in 2014. 

 I enjoy engineering as it is a constant learning process, there’s always new and interesting problems to solve. There are so many different career paths you can follow with the skills you learn through studying engineering, from applied maths and physics, critical thinking and, probably the most valuable to any job, problem-solving.


I’m the Chief Operating Officer here at Clyde Space

I’m responsible for all the key functions of Clyde Space and the activity of the company from product development, manufacturing through to business development and customer service, whilst supporting our CEO to deliver our strategic plan.

I graduated from The University of Strathclyde with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Management (BEng. Hons) and I then went on the qualify as a Chartered Engineering (CEng.)  To supplement my technical qualification, I then completed an MBA in 2003 also from University of Strathclyde. Most recently in 2013 I was awarded the status of Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and technology, (FIET).  I have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing technical organisations from around the world. This experience ranges from the medical, electronics, telecommunications to the space industry.

Both of my grandfathers were engineers and I was inspired to become an engineer from a very young age. There was a slight toss-up between engineering and architecture for a while at school, however there were some great women in engineering campaigns running around the time, similar to #ILookLikeAnEngineer, which reignited my enthusiasm for engineering and I would be delighted if this blog done in the same for someone else! 


I’m a Spacecraft Systems Engineer here at Clyde Space

At Clyde Space, I am the lead engineer on PICASSO, a joint project which will study the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere. I am also helping with the Outernet project, through manufacturing and integration; these satellites aim to broadcast high data-rate humanitarian information worldwide.

I graduated from McGill University with a degree in physics followed by a MSc in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from University of Colorado at Boulder. The first CubeSat I worked on was launched in January and won AIAA small sat of the year.

I have always been fascinated by the vastness of space and all its unknowns. I studied physics because I was interested in astronomy and cosmology, and did an engineering degree to set myself up for a career in space sciences. I’m driven by the hope that my work will one day contribute to improving our understanding our mysterious universe, even if only a little!

We couldn’t include everyone, sorry folks…. So here is a little picture of some more of the team from our  recent event with Major Tim Peake, guys included!Group Image