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Astronaut Tim Peake touches down at Clyde Space

17 October 2016

Clyde Space was delighted to welcome Major Tim Peake yesterday to our HQ in Skypark, Glasgow. DSC03502

A group of schoolchildren from Glasgow had the opportunity to meet the world famous astronaut Tim Peake. The pupils, from Baljaffray Primary School and Bearsden Academy, took part in a question and answer session about his historic six-month stay on the International Space Station. Questions varied from his choice of in-flight playlist to the living organisms onboard the ISS. The event was aimed to inspire, specifically children, to develop an interest in science and technology.

When asked about returning to space he said: “I’d love to go back into space because there are so many exciting missions coming up.”
Clyde Space CEO Craig Clark said: “It was great to see the children who came along for the event being inspired by
Tim’s stories and meet their hero in person.”

Tim was visiting Clyde Space as part of a post-flight tour of the UK. During the Principia mission, which took him on about 3000 orbits of the earth, he became the first UK astronaut to make a spacewalk.

The British European Space Agency astronaut spent just over six months on board the International Space Station after launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan last December – the same location from which Scotland’s first satellite, designed and built by Clyde Space in Glasgow, was launched in 2014.DSC03807

Clyde Space CEO Craig Clark, who presented Tim with a Clyde Space “Space is Awesome” T-shirt, said: “Tim and the Principia Mission have done a fantastic job to raise the profile of the UK space industry and I’m sure they see some fantastic talent coming and working in companies like Clyde Space as a result.

“It was terrific to have the UK’s very own astronaut in one of the most exciting, global space companies. 

Tim said: “It’s great to see a company going from strength to strength.”

Some of Clyde Spaces latest satellites being built by Clyde Space for the UK Space Agency and American company Outnernet Inc were on show during Tim's visit. Three 1U Outernet Platforms, which will send emergency weather warnings and medical advice as well as news and entertainment information.

Funded through the UK Space Agency’s International Partnerships in Space Programme (IPSP) Clyde Space are developing a constellation of three communication satellites as the first phase of a plan to deliver free internet content globally from a constellation of hundreds of CubeSats.