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Custom Solutions


We are award-winning quality innovators and work with our customers to ensure they receive pioneering solutions and market-leading services, all delivered to the highest-quality.

SatellogicWe provide custom SmallSat and CubeSat solutions worldwide. Our customers can design their CubeSat or SmallSat mission from start to finish, from customized subsystems, platform design and integration to operations and services. Our design and manufacturing capabilities have been developed based on traditional assembly techniques and adapted to reduce assembly costs, to meet the needs of our customers’ budget.


Our custom solutions range from SmallSat deployable solar panels, pioneering high-power systems to fully customized satellites. Ask one of our specialists today for more information. 

Small Satellite Power Conditioning and Distribution Units (PCDUs)

PCDUWe have a broad range of capabilities which include the development of high-power PCDUs for small Geo-Stationary Spacecraft. Our 5kW PCDU includes highly efficient battery charge regulation, flexible power distribution and is radiation tolerant by design. Our team has extensive experience in design, manufacture, and test of PCDUs for LEO as well as more extreme space environments of MEO, GEO and beyond….

SmallSat Solar Panels

solar panels We make solar panels of all shapes, sizes, substrates, and cells. In all cases, we use the same laydown process and all surfaces are coated in a space rated Kapton for a bonding surface. This means that our surface preparation and bond strength is identical in all cases. Our extensive power system heritage enables us to deliver optimum performance across your entire power system.

SmallSat Deployable Solar panels

40W full image Created for our customer’s latest mission, our 40W deployable solar array is designed to provide extra capability for your small satellite. With four temperature sensors on the deployed array and full deployment confirmation sensors included, this is our next generation of SmallSat solution.

Triple Deployable PanelsTDP

Designed to increase the orbit-average power available to platforms, enabling higher power and more computing power onboard. The Triple deplyable Panels have been enhanced, improving reliability, testability and mass per watt over previous generations. These panels can be aligned in a variety of directions and angles of deployment, maximizing mission adaptability.

Our Services

TrainingWe offer a wide range of customizable services from mission operations, testing and consultancy through to training, all of which can be tailored when required individually or combined to provide a full customer service package. 

SmallSat & CubeSats

New render

Some customers require custom platform designs for their mission. Clyde Space provides design consultancy through to mission design and analysis, incorporating payloads and mission specific components with our customer's vision, to form a one of a kind spacecraft built for purpose. 

Throughout your project, you will have a single point of contact who will be responsible for its efficient and professional delivery.

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