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Brent Abbott

CEO and Head of North American Operations

Brent's Role 

Brent Brent is the CEO and Head of North American Operations for AAC Clyde in the U.S.


Brent served for eight years in several roles for Surrey US (SST-US) including Head/Director of Business Development, Head of Program Management and Engineering. At SST-US he was instrumental in landing the NOAA/AF/NSPO COSMIC-II/Formosat-7 constellation for Radio Occultation. He also started the Hosted Payload program at SST-US with the first all commercial and %100 hosted payload satellite OTB-1 (Orbital Test Bed). This program inspired the new NOAA/NASA Rideshare program. Brent also landed the GNSS-R payloads for the successful NASA Earth Venture Mission CYGNSS. Before this he worked in Business Development for Honeywell Defense and Space for commercial and classified satellite programs including working with Ball to get Control Moment Gyros on their first commercial program and getting reaction wheels to Mars. Brent earned a B.S.E.E. from Iowa State University in 1985.