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Craig Clark MBE

CSO & Founder

Craig's role 

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Craig is ÅAC Clyde 's Chief Strategy Officer and founder. In his role Craig adds entrepreneurship and a strategic vision to the Group's growth.

  • Craig provides technical input to our engineering programmes, mostly to provide another perspective on the engineering problem.
  • He enjoys getting involved in mission and space application designs (because of his specific experience in this area), as well as in a peer review capacity.
  • Networking with the rest of the space community all over the world. He feels privileged to work in an industry where most involved are truly passionate about their jobs and has made many good friends as a result.


Craig has been fortunate to have always worked in the small satellite industry. His first degree was in Power Engineering, which although covered large power stations, generators, etc. it was mostly about power electronics, motors and drives and control theory. This stood him in good stead to get a position as a power Systems Engineer at Surrey Satellite Technology Limited. During his time at Surrey, he worked on over 25 different missions, as head of the Power Team for 7 years. He studied for his MSc in Satellite Engineering and after 11 years at Surrey, in 2005, he left to head back to Scotland and started Glasgow's first space company, Clyde Space.