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About Us

Clyde Space is recognised as a world-leading innovator and supplier of CubeSats and small satellite systems. Our extensive product heritage speaks volumes in terms of our quality, performance and customer service. We continue to innovate and develop our products and processes to support our customers and the rapidly growing small satellite market.

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We are named after the River Clyde, the main river running through Glasgow, which once built 25% of all of the World's ships. At Clyde Space, our romantic vision is for one day this to be true for spaceships.

Currently in our 14th year of operation, Clyde Space has supplied well over 1000 subsystems for missions all over the world, equating to 100s of on-orbit years of systems heritage. We have a proven capability in volume production for space systems and have the capacity to produce at least one spacecraft per week in our Glasgow facility alone.

Our History

Founded in 2005 by Craig Clark, Clyde Space recognised very early on that CubeSats represented a game-changing approach to spacecraft design and production and got busy developing CubeSat systems from the start. Today, the company is still committed to supporting the increasing number of commercial, military and science applications of CubeSats and small satellites via a process of continuous innovation and process development. In January 2018 Clyde Space joined AAC Microtec to combine and strengthen the 2 companies’ position in the small and nanosatellite market. Clyde Space is now subsidiary of the Nasdaq First North Stockholm listed ÅAC Microtec organisation.

Our Customers 

Clyde Space prides itself on working with customers to ensure they receive the products, the quality, and the service they require; we don’t just provide platforms & sub-systems, we provide solutions. We tailor design innovative products to meet your project requirements. Our expertise and experience range from bespoke small satellite power systems to complete nanosatellite mission design and platform integration.

Clyde Space customers include international universities, commercial companies, and government organisations. Approximately 80% of Clyde Space sales are outside of the European Union and over 95% outside of the UK.

Quality Assurance

Quality should not be sacrificed for quantity, that's why the Clyde Space Quality Management System covers ALL of our products from development through manufacture and delivery. Our standard products are developed and produced with the end user in mind. In-house R&D activities are used to increase our product base and capabilities in both our standard and bespoke product activities.
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Our Quality Management Systems are certified as compliant with the International Standards Organization.

ISO Certificate

The First Minister visits Clyde Space

This news piece was prepared by the Scottish Government covering the Clyde Space expansion.

Our Values

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    We are committed to delivering our products and services to our highest possible quality standard with no compromise. Excellence is at the heart of everything we do and is inextricably connected to our other four key values.

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    Our people are our main business asset and their skills make us better than our competitors. We treat each other fairly and with honesty and respect. We encourage ideas that improve the business. We want everyone to be part of the team. We want to be thought of as professional, the best at what we do and focused on delivery.

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    Our business is based on innovating solutions for an evolving space industry. We do this by anticipating market needs and by pioneering new technologies and applications. We listen to our customers and ask, ‘how can Clyde Space help you?’ We actively look for better ways of doing things.

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    Strong customer relationships form the foundation of our business. We listen and learn from our customers and welcome feedback on every level. Our customers’ perception is their reality, so we must understand an issue from their viewpoint.

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    We act openly and with honesty; our code of ethics sets the minimum standard for our behaviour and is vital to our operation. Our long-term reputation depends on doing the right thing within these core values; even if it adversely affects our business in the short-term.